About The Exuberant Trust


Much of the life of Jennifer Graham-Jones (1925 - 2002) was devoted to encouraging young people at particular decision points in their lives. After their move to Oxfordshire, Jennifer and Michael organised a series of charity concerts at which young players performed in an informal setting at their home in Standlake.

The Music at The Limes concerts bought pleasure to their various audiences, including a generation of very young children, who learned that playing and listening to chamber music is fun

The idea of setting up a Trust in memory of Jennifer Graham-Jones was first proposed by her family at the celebration of her life in April 2002. The Exuberant Trust officially came into being as a charity in April 2003.


The aim of the Trust is to support and encourage young people developing their interests in the arts, at times in their lives when turning points have been reached, or crucial decisions have to be made.

The formal ‘charitable objects’ of the Trust are: "To advance the education of young people in the knowledge and appreciation of the arts through the provision of grants".

In the tradition of the Music at The Limes concerts, the Trustees encourage those who have received grants to contribute to the trust’s activities by performing in concerts, or helping in other ways with publicity and fundraising.


The Trustees-elect: Sarah Verney Caird, Roger Teichmann, Mark Hofman and Susanna Graham-Jones first met with Michael Graham-Jones on 9th July 2002.

A successful application for charitable status was made and the Exuberant Trust officially came into being as a charity (registered no. 1095911) in April 2003.
When Sebastian (eldest son of Jennifer and Michael) died in July 2004, an additional fund, The Commedia Project, was started, to celebrate his life.

The Trustees see their role as:

The Exuberant Trust - Registered Charity No. 1095911

2003 - 2023