Doubtless Double-Reed

Programme Detail

Telemann, Sonata in F minor

Weber, Concerto in F, 2nd and 3rd movements

Saint SaŽns, Sonata in G, 2nd and 3rd movements ~ bassoon

Edmund Rubbra, Sonata in C

Bozza, Fantasie Pastorale

Handel, Sonata in C minor ~ oboe

Eleanor Voak

Eleanor Voak - bassoon

ELEANOR VOAK is 11 years old and an Exuberant Trust grant award-winner. Eleanor has achieved Grade 8 bassoon and recorder, Grade 6 contrabassoon and is now studying for DipABRSM on both bassoon and recorder.

Eleanor has received many awards at a young age and has been an Oxford Music festival winner for 4 years running. She plays in the National Childrens´s Orchestra and the Youth Symphony Orchestra.

In the second half of the concert, Eleanor will be joined by 14 year old EWAN MILLAR, who has already achieved the DipABRSM on oboe.

This will indeed be a rare, ‘double-reed’ recital at the Limes, by these two young but very talented musicians.

Ewan Millar

Ewan Millar - oboe

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